Abiha Batool


I'm from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm a programmer by profession and currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Cubix Labs. I'm doing Masters in Software Engineering and an expected Gold Medalist. Besides that I'm a dreamer, a problem solver and a fun loving person. I love to tease my friends ;) but a soft hearted person. And yes, I HATE CHAI. This is me, the Abiha!

Inshort, cheetih bandi hon yaar!

Zair Abbas


Hello, I am Zair Abbas from Karachi, Pakistan. I’m an UX Rockstar and currently working as Development Team Lead/Associate Project Manager at Creative Chaos. Besides designing & developing websites & apps, I make youtube videos, instagramming, music, tweeting, doston ke sath ghomna phirna, khana peena, sleeps and wakes up on computers. And yes, I LOVE CHAI.

Inshort, cheetah banda hon yaar!
Just Google me.

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